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Grant Boys Honey partners with local schools to help teach students about honey bees and other pollinators. The Grant Boys, Caleb and Andrew, provide a series of videos each Spring showing the students their hive they get to adopt. The students get introduced to honey bees, how a hive works, an inside look at their queen, and how honey is produced and harvested.

Not only are students learning about bees and how they impact their environment, they are also learning valuable life lessons from kids their own age. Through Caleb and Andrew the students see what hard work is when it comes to running a business. We also share insights on how they strive to be good students, help their teachers and classmates, and being kind. At the end of every video they say “Remember to be a good student, be helpful, and always be kind.” Caleb and Andrew hope to inspire kids through their videos and encourage them to always do their best.



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