About Us

Grant Boys Honey started in 2020 when two young men, Andrew (9) and Caleb (11) expressed interest in wanting to work to try and earn some extra money. Instead of cutting lawns like their dad did when he was younger, they decided to get a few bee hives to sell local honey to their neighbors. In the Spring of 2020 Andrew and Caleb purchased two bee hives along with some equipment in hopes to harvest honey at the end of the Spring season. The first season produced 20 pounds of honey and after sharing it in their neighborhood they had more orders than they could fill. Andrew and Caleb were then hooked and they started finding ways to expand their business the following Spring. They soon went from 2 hives to 23 the next season focusing on local wildflower honey and then moving their bees to the North Georgia mountains chasing sourwood honey. At the end of the 2021 season they pulled a total of 800 pounds.

On June, 2, 2021 the boys had a huge opportunity accelerate their honey company goals when they caught a honey bee swarm at the Atlanta Braves game. That night, Brian Grant, became know as "The Beekeeper." The boys love going to Braves games especially on bobblehead give away nights. 

When the main goals were to teach his two sons about responsibility and a solid work ethic, this hobby soon turned into a means for the boys to make some additional money on the side. 

Today they have expanded their business not only selling honey but starting a non-profit where they can impact the lives of students, educators and their community. Please follow along on their adventures through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.